Goals of the Diversity Committee


1Improving the university climate: Implementing strategies to strengthen an inclusive and rich multicultural climate and provide education and awareness on the benefits of diversity across the College.

2Obtaining grants and fundraising: Fundraising and securing grants for multicultural initiatives to have an intellectually and socially stimulating diverse environment.

3Recruitment and retention of under-represented students: Recruitment and retention of students through a supportive and inclusive environment that will include structured mentoring and tutoring, opportunities for fellowships, and other support programs.

4Diversity curriculum enhancement and transformation: Expand the development and support of multicultural academic and curriculum initiatives.

5Recruitment and retention of under-represented faculty and staff: Recruitment and retention of faculty and staff, through mentoring, by supporting and advising hiring search committees, and by creating faculty and staff development initiatives.

6Communication and awareness on diversity issues: Establishing communication links between faculty, staff and students to disseminate information pertinent to diversity opportunities and its benefits.