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The Buildings of ArtSci: Bluemont Hall

Bluemont Hall


Bluemont Hall, completed in 1981, was named after the original Bluemont College. It's the home for the Department of Psychological Sciences, complete with offices and advanced research laboratories. It also houses the College of Education.

In front of Bluemont Hall stands the Bluemont Bell. Older than all of the buildings on campus, the Bluemont Bell was cast and donated to Bluemont College by Joseph Ingalls in 1861. According to documents from the University archives, Bluemont Central College, originally located one mile west of K-State Campus was in need of a bell to call the students to class. Ingalls provided the $175 for the bell and shipping in exchange for having his name engraved on the side. The bell now stands in front of Bluemont Hall, a part of the rich K-State heritage.

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